Authenticity of data.

Authenticity of data.

The data stored on the repository for sharing will be stored with the highest confirmation that it is true, and not tampered. Different kinds of measure will be taken to maintain the integrity of the system. The primary measure we will take is designing the ERP, and other management application in a way that it records the activity with proofs. These proof may be available for viewing purpose. As we also plan to provide API to 3rd party application for data post, we will make sure to implement various technical catch to authenticate the activity. eg; Average process start-stop time compared to posted time.

It may be not possible for us to stop, or disallow any entity until a very serious matter arises, but we will maintain a grading system for the data authenticity to each component level, and share with its other information. We will always promote, and support, real-time data entry.

In the case of gemological data, like origin, and identification, various proven, and acceptable, scientific methods along with the real time data entry will be the acceptance protocol for data post on the repository.

To maintain the authenticity of the data, we will keep innovating catches, and other systems. Also, we apologize from now, that we won't be sharing these methods in public.

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