Geo, and Gem variety coverage.

Geo, and Gem variety coverage.

Global Gems And Jewelry Industry

Gem, and jewelry industry is spread through out the globe. The interdependent relation between companies across geographical borders gives the beauty to the industry as a community. Diamond mined at Botswana, sold at Belgium, cut & polished at India, traded at Hong Kong, jewelry manufactured at China, and retailed at USA is the example of broad supply chain of the industry. Similar chain are for other gemstones.

In jewelry industry there are various gemstones, and these are further divided into "precious", and "semi-precious". Each gemstone have various properties which make it to categorize in different sub-groups. 

All together, it is a very complex task to cover all geography, process, and variety of the gemstone. To solve this issue, we planned to register what is happening in actual. This will give the system a less burden by avoiding verification and registration of past data. Though there are scientific method to verify the origins of a gemstone, we look forward to support the origin data with real time entries.

In the case of varieties of gemstone, we planned to come up with "Diamonds", "Corundum Family", and "Beryl Family", at first, and then, keep on adding other stones / family gradually.

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